Aidan Quilligan

Hey, I'm Aidan Quilligan.

I'm an engineer and web devoloper from Sixmilebridge in Ireland. I'm currently working with Ruby and Javascript building Rails and AngularJS applications. I have also recently begun working on native iOS and Android applications through the Ionic framework and Cordova. I love programming and have been doing it for almost ten years, since I was first introduced to Visual Basic in University College Cork.

I have a PhD in engineering from Trinity College Dublin and developed some pretty complex mathematical models of wind turbines as part of my work. Check out some of my publications on Research Gate. I've also won some awards for my research such as the Making an Impact Award in 2010 and the Future Voices Competition in 2011.

Oh, and I also play hurling for my club, Sixmilebridge.


I've been doing all sorts of cool things with code for almost ten years now. These range from some Visual Basic assignments in University to working with agile teams on high-traffic 'ruby on rails' web applications. I'm lucky in that one of my primary clients, Podmedics makes most of their projects open source so you can see much of my recent work on Github. I try to keep the list of projects below up to date, but if you're curious about something, just email me to get the most up-to-date details.

HEP iChart

HEP iChart is a really exciting project I am working on for the the Hepatitis Pharmacology Group at Liverpool University. It's aim is to provide up-to-date information on dangerous interactions between hepatitis drugs. Now it's not that I'm particularly excited by hepatitis drugs, but what's really interesting is the fact that it's a hybrid mobile application. By leveraging tools such as the Ionic framework and Cordova we are building native applications for both iOS and Android devices using just HTML, CSS and Javascript (in the form of AngularJS).

As you will see from the commit history, I was the main developer on this project, building out much of the feature-set in collaboration with the client. I was really excited to work with the Ionic framework and I honestly believe this will lead the way for the future of native application development. Keep an eye on my blog for an upcoming post on this topic.

Luckily this an open source project so you can jump right into the code on Github if you like.

Smaller Earth

Cleversteam are the development team behind the Smaller Earth group of companies. They specialise in placing students in volunteering and summer work experience positions in other countries. The J1 Visa program is just one example of the types of placements they do. Due to the variety of countries they operate in and the vast array of placement programmes they provide, Smaller Earth require an extensive web application to facilitate the varous users of their service. These include travel agents, summer camp admistrators, internal admin staff and the applicants themselves of course, to name but a few.

Smaller Earth are currently in the process of updating their administrative system from a PHP to a Ruby on Rails application. They are greatly extending both the functionality and the performance of the system, while at the same time operating in a live environment where applicants and admin staff use it every day. I currently work a couple of days a week on this project (in collaboration with the full-time dev team), building out new functionality, fixing bugs and helping to optimise their system.

For obvious reasons, this is not maintained as an open source project. However, I can say that this is probably the most extensive and complex codebases I've ever worked on. Due to the significant number of different use cases, the system needs to be extremely flexible, resulting in an incredibly large amount of code.

While I cannot discuss this project in much more detail, if you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer you. is an established online tutorial website for medical students in the UK and elsewhere. They provide video tutorials on an extensive array of medical topics which users can watch online or download for later watching or listening.

From March until June 2014, this system was rebuilt as a Rails 4 application, adding significant functionality and optimising the performance of the existing application. This was built with Rails 4, Bootstrap and jQuery and is hosted on Heroku. My role involved building out a question and answers system. This meant that once a candidate had watched a tutorial, they could then proceed to take a quiz which would test the candidate on the content of the tutorial. It is also possible to take a more extensive exam in a particular area of medicine, where the questions are based on the tutorial content. By answering questions in the exam/quiz correctly, the candidate gains points. By accumulating points they can then earn badges based on their overall performance. These badges are then linked to the candidates profile and displayed within the system when they participate in the forum, comment on a tutorial or answer other users' questions. I also worked on various other elements of the build prior to launch and now help maintain the system on an ongoing basis.

I particularly enjoyed working on this project and got experience working with a distributed dev team. We also used Codeship, a Continuous Integration and Delivery Service which was cool.

Again, this an open source project so you can jump right into the code on Github if you like. You can also get a free trial membership to if you're into that sort of thing. I recommend checking it out.



I have worked for Podmedics since March 2014 on a number of different projects. Check out the projects section above and my Github account for a detailed look at what I've been working on with them. Some of the tools I have used are Ruby, Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS), Bootstrap, Ionic Framework and many more. The rails projects are generally deployed to heroku but I have also dealt with publishing native applicatons to the App Store and the Android Play Store.


I have been working as a frelance rails developer with Cleversteam since September 2014. I go into detail about what I've been doing with them in the "Smaller Earth" section of my projects above. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, Cleversteam do not make their codebases opensource. But if you have specific questions related to my work there, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

Open Source Ruby Development

I have been learning and working with Ruby since September 2013, primarily in the Rails framework. Having completed the Ruby on Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl, I have worked on building a number of rails applications as well as Ruby Gems. Check out my Github account and look through the repositories I've contributed to. I also have a number of blog posts dedicated to my open source contributions.


I found my way to programming in somewhat of a roundabout way. I always knew I loved problem solving and building things. It wasn't until I was introduced to programming as part of my Civil and Structural Engineering degree that I found my calling as a web developer. So along the route I worked for a number of companies as a civil/structural design engineer. For more details just drop me an email.

Trinity College Dublin

2009-2012: PhD in Structural Engineering (Feasibility of Concrete Wind Turbine Towers). Graduated– 28th June 2013. My research primarily involved building numerical models in Matlab to simulate the structural behaviour of operational wind turbines subjected to variable wind and seismic loading. Many cutting edge algorithmic concepts were implemented with the use of object oriented programming methodologies and parallel processing capabilities in order to replicate complex dynamic systems.

2010-2011: Postgraduate diploma in statistics. Graduated with a distinction.

University College Cork

2005-2009: First class honours BE Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. This included modules in Visual Basic and Matlab. My final year project involved developing an interactive graphical teaching aid for applied maths students. This was developed with the use of Visual Basic in combination with a motion graphics library. Check out the projects section above for more details.

Second Level

2000-2005: Attended Ardscoil Ris secondary school in Limerick. Contact me for further details.

  • IRCSET Enterprise Partnership Grant (2009 - 2012)
  • Trinity Trust Travel Grant (2012).
  • “Future Voices”, Research Competition 2011 – Second Prize.
  • “Making an Impact”, Research Competition 2010 – First Prize
  • "J.J McCarthy prize in Civil & Environmental Engineering", Prize for sporting achievements 2010 - UCC
Outreach Activities and Media Coverage
  • Extensive coverage in the national media following the “Making an Impact” research competition with coverage in national and local newspapers, university websites and the Engineers Journal.
  • Success in the “Future Voices” competition again generated similar interest and I gained a private audience with the then minister for education, Mr. Ruairí Quinn.
  • The Irish Research Council (IRCSET) also identified my project as a showcase of their successful funding initiatives with the commissioning of a video in 2010. I was also asked to speak at the IRCSET ten year anniversary function, again as a showcase of their success.

I have only touched on some of the items in my resume here. If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to contact me.


If you like what you see and wish to get in contact, please feel free to drop me an email. Also, check out my profiles on any of the web services and social media networks listed below. I would be delighted to connect.